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Limmy's Signature Treatments


HIFU stands for “High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound” and it is a non-invasive treatment that helps stimulates the cells, resulting in tissue rejuvenation and collagen production. The overall effect of the treatment is to promote tightening and lifting of the skin in these areas. A HIFU treatment promotes the stimulation of tissue rejuvenation and collagen production – resulting in the tightening and lifting of saggy skin. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, this can produce results akin to facial sculpting (but without the need for surgery). As a skin rejuvenating procedure, HIFU can help lift and tighten the skin around the neck, chin and brow whilst reducing lines and wrinkles on the chest. Collagen production is expected to reach its optimum level at two to three months. It is during this period that a client can already see their facial skin becoming youthful, healthier, softer, and supple.

​*Only available at Rangoon Outlet



Our brand new PAINLESS, game changing treatment for our clients to have you looking years younger, with dewy, hydrated and beautiful skin, with little to no downtime involved. A revolutionary way to deliver essential Hyaluronic Acid combined with vital nutrients and vitamins through hypodermic micro-needles to the skin with the booster gun. No Pain, just gain and you are going to love it. Your skin will look softer, more hydrated and more youthful within days with this exciting new delivery advancement for all skin types. Skin will be smooth, glowing and hydrated like never before thanks to the micro-needles of Hyaluronic Acid to turn back time against parched and ageing skin. Plumped, dewy, gorgeous skin awaits you!

​*Only available at Rangoon Outlet



We use a special ampoule created using DNA fragments from salmon sperm molecules that are free of side-effects and have been proven to induce long-term tissue regeneration from within the deep dermis. This is an entirely new and advanced concept of skin healing serum using Polynucleotide (PN) which is a tissue regeneration material and using this treatment helps skin maintain healthy and beautiful by improving the physiological condition of damaged inner skin. Salmon sperm DNA gradually improves the general biological condition of damaged skin as well as regenerate new cells to keep your skin young and healthy. This is something that other ampoules cannot do. This treatment is recommended as a potent anti-aging procedure and the result is comparable with placenta & stem cell treatment.

​*Only available at Rangoon Outlet

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