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6 Shocking Facts About Eyebrow Embroidery (Most Salons Won't Tell You)

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

As the saying goes, eyebrows are the windows to the soul, which means having great ones is extremely important. Eyebrows are one of those features a lot of people don’t think about despite its significant impact on your overall look. The fact is humans are very dependent on their looks. Sure, inner beauty and personality play a vital role, too, but the fact that a book sells by its cover is still very relevant.

Over the most recent few years, eyebrow embroidery has stunned the world, generally on the grounds that people are saving SO MUCH TIME drawing the living hell out of their eyebrows, and individuals are GRABBING the opportunity to have their eyebrows done.

However, here are a few facts that most salons won't tell you, and you shouldn't go ahead with eyebrow embroidery before reading these facts.

1. Eyebrow embroidery may cause scarring

Shannon Bozell takes photos of her eyebrows following a "pigment pull" treatment at Merle Norman in Kalamazoo. The treatment is meant to lighten the color of the brows and create a slight arch. Bozell said she developed blisters under her eyes following the appointment. (Courtesy Shannon Bozell)

The beauty industry is growing, and everyone wants in! There are lots of untrained artists in the market, usually offering extremely low prices. When done by an untrained artist, brow embroidery may result in scarring.

2. Eyebrow embroidery may spread diseases like Hepatitis & HIV

Because microblading requires breaking the skin, the Interior Health Authority cautions it should only be done at places that are subject to inspections. "Our biggest concern is that there is the risk of blood-borne infections, so things like Hepatitis and HIV. Which is why the hygiene of a salon you are going to is extremely important. To cut costs to compete against prices, some salons reuse items that are in contact with blood.

3. Eyebrow embroidery that lasts forever isn't necessarily good

The first generation of eyebrow embroidery lasts forever. (the ones that looks like it's drawn on with a sharpie) The method is similar to tattooing, inserting pigments into the dermal layer of one's skin. However, just like tattoos, the black ink oxidizes and the color turns green. It'll take lots of laser sessions (lot's of money too) to have it removed!

The current technique that Limmy's is using is a state of the art technique from Korea called the Feather Stroke Brow Embroidery a.k.a. 6D Brow Embroidery. Instead of tattooing, a microblading pen is used to make very fine incisions in the top layer of the skin before ink is applied. The fine strokes mimic brow hairs and can create tone gradation, resulting in a more natural-looking effect. As it's only done on the top layer of the skin, the feather-stroke technique lasts 1-2 years.

4. Cheaper prices = Cheaper materials & pigments

To compete against price, surely cost saving measures must come from somewhere. The bulk of the cost of an eyebrow embroidery service comes from the pigments used, and also the skillset of a technicians. Skilled technicians are definitely more expensive to hire compared to unskilled technicians.

Speaking of pigments, high quality pigments are definitely more expensive than cheaper pigments. Cheaper pigments normally do not go though intensive toxicology testing and approval. That being said, cheaper pigments can cause lots of side effects like allergic reactions and skin inflammation.

5. Your brows cannot be symmetrical

Getting your eyebrows done is to improve them and enhance them according to your face shape, not completely replace them. Many people have the misconception that technicians can totally "replace" their eyebrows and make them look 100% symmetrical. Even the most skillful semi-permanent makeup artist would not be able to create a pair of identical eyebrows for you. There are no perfectly identical faces in the world, and definitely no perfect identical eyebrows!

6. Some skin types would require more touch-ups

People with oily skin types are at risk of rejecting the pigment, and more concerning, they are prone to pigment hydration, which is where the pigment fans into each other, the strokes sort of blend and it ends up looking like a powder-filled brow more than it looks like distinct strokes. People with oily skin might also require more re-touches. However, even if your skin type doesn’t yield ideal results, it’s still a worthwhile enhancement.

We hope these tips help, and may your brows be always on fleek, girlfriends!

With Love,



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