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Korean Eyebrow Embroidery


Eyebrows are one of the most defining features of your face. While some people are blessed with thicker eyebrows that they simply need to reshape, others have to resort to intensive brow makeup to fill their brows in.  Korean eyebrow embroidery is a semi-permanent solution to fill in your brows and shape them so that you don't have to wake up earlier every morning and never have to worry about your brow makeup fading.



Korean eyebrow technique involves making tiny incisions which are similar to hair strokes, before filling in the incisions with colored brow pigment. Unlike permanent tattoo makeup, semi-permanent Korean eyebrow embroidery aims for natural-looking eyebrows with a thicker and straighter shape popular among Korean celebrities.

It's also known as pigment embroidery or microblading,  and the extra incisions can give your thin or sparse brows more volume and thickness so that you have more luscious eyebrows. This can help you reduce the appearance of any slight flaws such as eyes that are set too far apart and bring the focus to your eyes if that's the best feature on your face.  It can also bring more symmetry to your facial features.

You'll also save time applying brow make up every morning and plucking or threading your eyebrows to shape them.

Here are some things that you should consider before you get your brows embroidered.

Do your research on different salons.  Read their customer reviews and the variety of treatments as some salons may specialise in different types of eyebrow embroidery.

Choose a professional salon that practises good hygiene by making use of disposable blades, gloves, and swabs to apply numbing cream, refill the ink and make incisions.

Don't be afraid to ask your specialist any questions you have as they can make recommendations to you.


Take note that you cannot change the pigment colour after your semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery so ensure you choose the colour that matches your hair colour for a cohesive look. You also often need to go for touch-ups to maintain the look of your eyebrows.

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  • Ouch-up sessions has to be done within 2 months

  • Color correction $188 per session

  • Pigment removal $288 per session

  • Men brow design $50

  • Subsequent touch-ups are charged at 70% off original set's cost, touch-up discount is not valid with any promotional price.


Is eyebrow embroidery the same as microblading?

Yes, microblading is the same as eyebrow embroidery. Microblading has spawned other techniques such as micro feathering and microshadowing.

Micro feathering

Micro feathering is a type of microblading technique that works with your existing brow shape and hairs so it is suitable for those who are already happy with their brow shape and thickness.  In micro feathering, the brow artist adds texture and dimension to the gaps in the brow hair. The strokes are much finer and look more natural so they don't last as long as microbladed brows.


Microshading is another type of microblading technique that creates dots instead of tiny hairline strokes for thicker and fuller brows. The pigment will be deposited in these dots to make it look like eyebrow powder and the effect can look more natural compared to microbladed brows.

What is eyebrow embroidery?

Eyebrow embroidery is a semi-permanent, natural-looking eyebrow enhancement that lasts for up to two years. It mimics the hair of your existing eyebrows in a feathering technique to create thicker eyebrows that look natural.

If you have sparse eyebrows or you don't have enough hair to shape them, you should consider eyebrows embroidery Singapore.

Here are some benefits of getting your eyebrows embroidered:

Enhances your natural face shape

Traditional brow tattoos fade into unpleasant green and blue ink over time. However, if you plan to get your brows embroidered, the aesthetician will use a pigment that will fade out more naturally. Your embroidered eyebrows will have a natural faded out colour that will continue to frame your face in the long term.

Magnifies your eyes

Eyebrow embroidery services by expert specialists can help shape your eyebrows so that they enhance your eyes and make them look bigger.

Less painful and lasts longer

Most brow treatments are safe and have medium to low pain levels. Specialists typically apply a numbing cream before the eyebrow embroidery procedure to make the pain more manageable. Compared to time-consuming brow treatments like threading, plucking, and waxing, the effects of embroidered brows last much longer.

Saves time while getting ready in the morning

You can cut down on your everyday makeup routine without the need to apply brow makeup. Eyebrow embroidery is similar to semi-permanent makeup which means you can save time getting ready in the morning.

Here are the different types of eyebrow embroidery techniques that are available in Singapore.

3D Eyebrow Embroidery

This procedure is the most popular in Singapore and gives your eyebrows a very soft and powder-like finish. It is also called mist embroidery.

3D eyebrow embroidery makes use of a machine to make strokes on your eyebrows and is a good choice for people with thin or sparse eyebrows who want bolder and thicker eyebrows. If you want a more subtle and natural look, the 6D eyebrow embroidery may be a better choice.  

6D Eyebrow Embroidery

The 6D eyebrow embroidery is popularly known as microblading because it involves using tiny blades. The nano blades used in the brow procedure imitate the hair-like strokes most naturally and make incisions. Pigment is then applied to fill in the brows.

If you already have thicker eyebrows and just want a fuller look, the 6D eyebrow embroidery may be the right choice for you.

Creative Eyebrow Embroidery

With creative eyebrow embroidery, your specialist will use micro blades to draw brow hairs in the direction that follows your natural brow hairs which could be in slightly different directions or in a single direction, depending on your brows. This balances the distribution of your brow hair, creates more depth and gives you more natural-looking brows.

Gradient Eyebrow Embroidery

A gradient pigment is applied to your skin using tiny blades and gives you a misty effect similar to applying eyebrow powder. You will have straighter eyebrows that highlight the contours of your eyes and gives fuller looking brows.

Combination Eyebrow Embroidery

This technique combines gradient and 6D eyebrow embroidery as the specialist will use micro blades to draw tiny strokes, while filling in any sparse or thin areas with gradient pigment. It is a popular technique used in Korea as it can contribute to a younger appearance.

If you're not sure about which type of embroidery you should go for, book a consultation. The best eyebrow services have experienced beauticians who can make recommendations on the right type for you.

How much is eyebrow embroidery in Singapore?

The price of eyebrow embroidery in Singapore depends on many factors. These include location, experience of the staff, equipment, hygiene, and professionalism of the services.

We are offering a First Time Trial Promotion for new customers at $350 (U.P. $688) for 6D eyebrow embroidery or Korean eyebrow embroidery. Try our eyebrow services today at our Orchard Road outlet or Rangoon Road outlet.

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